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English Heavyweight Title Lineage


History Of The English Heavyweight Title

1777-05-01 (York Racetrack)  William Darts W59 Jack Lamb 

1775-11-05 (Cricklewood Green)  William Darts W1 The Swansey Butcher 

1774-11-08 (Wimbleton Common)  William Darts W8 Harry Sellers

1774-05-22 (Two Waters)  William Darts W16 Carpenter Paine 

1772-09-14 (Golder's Green)  William Darts W10 Bargeman Doggett 

1772-06-28  Jack Lamb vacates title

1771-05-28 (Banstead Downs)  Jack Lamb W22 George Millsom 

1771-03-13  Harry Sellers vacates title

1770-11-20 (Finchley Common)  Harry Sellers W4 Tom Faulkner 

1770-03-11 (Coal Harbor)  Harry Sellers W2 Parfit Meggs 

1769-05-25 (Cricklewood Green)  Harry Seelers W7 William Darts

1768-11-30 (Bexley Common)  Harry Sellers W4 Jack Moreton 

1768-05-09 (Uxbridge)  Harry Sellers W3 Jacob Taplin 

1767-09-27 (Slough)  Harry Sellers W6 Butcher King 

1766-06-27 (Banstead Downs) Harry Sellers W5 Phil Juchau

1766-01-02 (Guiford) Harry Sellers W7 Ned Hunt

1764-10-19 (Wargrave) Ned Hunt W2 Tom Juchau

1764-04-15 (York Racetrack) Ned Hunt W10 Tom Faulkner

1763-09-01 (Dartford) Tom Faulkner W8 Jack Moreton

1762-08-07 (Bexley Common) Jack Moreton W10 Tom Faulkner

1759-01-26 (Deptford) Tom Faulkner W5 Butcher King

1758-03-22 Tom Smallwood retires

1758-03-22 (Chelmsford Races) Tom Smallwood W8 Butcher King

1757-10-15 (Oxfordshire) Butcher King W8 Tom Auger

1757-05-07 Joseph Line retires

1757-05-07 (Oxfordshire) Joseph Line W10 Tom Auger

1755-08-26 (Rickmansworth) Joseph Line W9 Tom Osborn

1754-11-25 (Finchley Common) Joseph Line W5 Tom Auger

1754-03-22 (Deptford) Joseph Line W10 Joshua Hawkins

1752-09-26 (Dartford)Joseph Line W11 Chicken Harris

1751-06-08 (Deptford) Joseph Line W1 Jumping John Francis

1751-01-25 (Islington) Joseph Line W5 East Anglia Daniel Smith

1749-10-24 (Golder's Green) Joseph Line W6 Guardsman Thomas Hawksley

1749-06-17 (Deptford) Joseph Line W24 Clogmaker Harry Gray

1749-03-23 Jack Slack vacates title

1748-08-12 (Cricklewood Creek) Jack Slack W3 East Anglia Daniel Smith

1747-12-25 (London) Jack Slack W1 Carman Dimmocks

1747-12-06 (Dartford) Jack Slack W4 A Yorkshire Padder

1747-07-24 (Fleet Prison) Jack Slack W1 Cornelius Harris

1747-01-30 (Norwood Commons) Jack Slack W3 Tom Smallwood

1746-12-28 (Chelmsford Races) Jack Slack W1 Chicken Harris

1746-02-01 (York Racetrack) Jack Slack W5 Robert Spikes

1745-11-27 (Horsham Green)Jack Slack W3 East Anglia Daniel Smith

1744-10-20 (Reculvers) Jack Slack W4 Bob Whittaker

1744-02-23 Andrew Johnson retires, vacating the title

1744-02-23 (Thiselton Gap) Andrew Johnson W3 Doctor Samuel Johnson

1743-05-12 (Hurley Bottom) Doctor Samuel Johnson W3 Tom Auger

1742-10-23 (Smitham Bottom) Doctor Samuel Johnson W4 The Big Drayman

1741-05-27 (Coal Harbor) Doctor Samuel Johnson W23 Bob Whittaker

1741-01-16 (York Racetrack) Bob Whittaker W8 Doctor Samuel Johnson

1740-08-02 (Deptford) Bob Whittaker W6 Andrew Johnson

1739-10-31 (Temple Mills) Andrew Johnson W21 Coachman George Stevenson

1739-02-12 (Hurley Bottom) Andrew Johnson W30 Tom Pipes

1738-08-07 (Jefferson Close) Tom Pipes W1 Carman Dimmocks

1737-07-19 (Two Waters) Tom Pipes W10 Brickmaker Richard Harris

1737-01-22 (Cricklewood Green Tom Pipes W5 Coachman George Stevenson

1735-07-31 (Castle Tavern) Tom Pipes W1 The Younger Martin

1735-02-20 William Gill retires

1735-02-20 (Islington) William Gill DQ15 William Flanders

1734-04-09 (Horton Moor) William Gill W14 John Smith

1733-11-18 (Ealing) William Gill W4 Will Willis

1733-06-10 (Rickmansworth) William Gill W42 Richard Prinching

1732-03-24 (Lansdown Fair) William Gill W11 William Emerson

1731-12-25 Jack Broughton vacates title

1729-07-10 (Epping Forest) Jack Broughton W11 Mister Brent

1729-06-24 (Kilburn Wells) Jack Broughton W9 Thomas Stokes

1728-10-18 (Enfield) Jack Broughton W9 William Fenwick

1728-04-19 (Norwood Common) William Fenwick W4 Bill Gretting

1727-03-24 (Lansdown Fair) Bill Gretting W15 William Fenwick

1726-12-25 James Figg vacates title

1726-01-01 (Wimbleton) James Figg W4 Long Charles Rimington

1725-01-04 (Shipston-upon-Stour) James Figg W6 Oxford John Wells

1724-06-12 (Horsham Green) James Figg W7 Thomas Stokes

1723-12-11 (Two Waters) Thomas Stokes W104 John Smith

1723-01-07 (Horsham Green Thomas Stokes W45 Mister Brent

1722-05-22 (Castle Tavern) Mister Brent W8 Thomas Stokes

1721-10-31 (Epping Forest) Thomas Stokes W6 James Figg

1719-09-26 (Two Waters) James Figg W5 John Delforce

1718-04-27 (Rickmansworth) James Figg W4 Serjeant James Miller

1716-07-26 (Exton Park) James Figg W9 Timothy Buck

1715-12-28 (Golder's Green)